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“This is How You Get Unstuck. You Reach.” Cheryl Strayed

Dispute Resolution Services

Committed to creating durable, effective and child-centered agreements

After working in conflict resolution for over 10 years, I understand just how debilitating dispute can be. It affects every part of your life, leaving you feeling stuck. Moving on may seem impossible, but I can help.

My approach is always child-centered, realistic and rooted in continued learning of the neurobiology of attachment, conflict and trauma. Experience from years spent facilitating corporate negotiations, studying high-conflict separation and affirmative child development is at your fingertips.

I am an Associate Member on both the Family and Civil Rosters of Mediate BC, a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada, and a member of Family Mediation Canada, currently completing my practicum for national certification as a Comprehensive Family Mediator.

Whether your situation requires a highly structured, action oriented process or flexibility and innovation, you will have my undivided attention as we set a course for stability and peace.

Which process is right for me?


Family mediation is a process where a trained, neutral mediator will facilitate conversations that are safe, effective, and solution-oriented. Disputes about parenting time, child support, educational decisions, and division of assets and debt can all be resolved through mediation. Mediation is also effective for adult siblings, intergenerational disputes (including elder and parent/teen), and blended families. Family conflicts are often emotionally charged and layered with complexity, requiring a mediator that understands these nuances.


Civil mediation can resolve issues involving partnerships, contractors, wills and estates, business to business, business to consumer, or within the workplace and community. Working and community relationships are often kept intact, allowing for the potential of continued partnership.


Arbitration is more structured than mediation but still more flexible than court. Parties will usually decide on the arbitrator together, choosing one that has the knowledge and skill set required to arbitrate the dispute. The arbitrator will review the facts and take the time to consider the impacts, before deciding on a course of action. It is not a collaborative process but provides a binding and enforceable decision, is confidential, and much faster than litigation.


Conflict coaching offers individualized support to help you confidently de-escalate or resolve family, workplace, or community disputes. You may have specific goals, want to prepare for an upcoming challenging conversation, or generally improve your ability to navigate conflict. People who are co-parenting, navigating parent-teen relationships, or within a life transition often find that conflict coaching provides meaningful value in their everyday lives.

Discover The Benefits

Save Time & Money

On average, BC families spend 84% less on fees when they choose mediation instead of court and 78% of family mediations resolve issues in 3 or fewer sessions. A 2021 survey by Canadian Lawyer Magazine notes, the average cost of a two-day family law trial is $19,000.

Retain Control & Flexibility

During mediation, you continue to be a decision maker and will have input throughout the entire process. Our work together will include building the mediation structure, deciding on the issues and will always be child-centered. This is not always true or possible in court.

Preserve Relationships

Litigation rarely allows for relationships to move forward in an effective way and often erodes communication. When co-parents engage in positive communication, they are also putting the best interests of their children first.

Maintain Privacy

Unlike court proceedings, mediation is a private and confidential process. The discussions we have cannot be used in court. This often encourages parties to negotiate freely and arrive at genuine resolutions.

Build a Foundation

Whether you are restructuring your family, navigating a co-parenting relationship or resolving other family matters, the work we do in mediation will set the tone and pattern of your future conversations. A successful mediation will benefit your family for years to come.

Experience an Affirming Space

Neurodiversity is a natural way of being, not a deficit, and all Neurodivergent expression and experience is valid. I actively work to create a safe space for Neurodivergent, LGBTQIA+ and Poly families.

Take The First Step Towards Resolution

When you’re ready to start exploring your options, I offer a free 30 minute consultation. Please email or fill out the contact form below and I will return your message within 2 business days.

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